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HYPE Award Recipients from 2015-2016

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Anwatin put on a production of The Wiz. They ensured everyone who auditioned for the musical had a role in the production.
Youth leaders used their graphic design skills to create nutritional heroes and characters. They shared these designs with other youth to encourage eating fruits and vegetables.
Intermedia Arts hosted a film festival "Up and Out: Upper Midwest Youth Queer Festival".This project empowers LGBTQIA+ youth, gives them a platform to express themselves, and celebrates. It also allows these youth to connect with local artists and members of the Twin Cities’ LGBTQIA+ community.
Courageous heARTS collaborated with Guerilla girls to create a projects focused on the gender pressures that youth face every day.
Youth leaders at Waite House designed skateboard decks and created a brand. The leaders also mentored other youth from the neighborhood and worked to develop a sense of pride in their community.
Everyday Leaders at Sanford raised funds for a hospital.They also collected cards and letters from peers to send to children who are hospitalized.
Everyday Leaders at Waite Park Community School shoveled and raked leaves for people in their community. They also took a field trip to a crisis nursery and brought awareness to their school about child abuse through the school newsletter
The Green Team at Southwest High School visited Excel Energy's Plant and weatherized the windows at their high school. They also presented information about energy-related topics to elementary and middle school students across the city.
The WE Act leaders at Seward Montessori attended WE Day. They also hosted a local WE Day for their community to promote leadership, encourage service learning, and to raise awareness about important issues.
Lindsay Pockel's 5th grade class at Folwell School organized a book and blanket drive to donate to local shelters for those who are homeless.