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Whittier Pollinator Garden PLANT OF THE WEEK for May 22, 2017, Iris, Iris Germanica.  They are really putting on a show right now!  The second graders helped weed the garden last week.   They removed several invasive non-natives to open up more soil and sunshine for our native, pollinator-friendly plants.  Be sure to check out our Nature Notes highlighting what is happening in the garden- which plants are flowering, when new seeds and fruits appear, all of the new growth and change in our garden.

The pollinator garden is a home for bumblebees, monarch butterflies, hummingbirds and a variety of other species that help to pollinate flowering plants and fruit trees in our neighborhood.  Read more about the importance of pollinators here.

And check out this video of Quinn and Oliver explaining pollination!

video Eco-Ambassadors   --  What is pollination?