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CAHOOTS Academic Summer Correspondence Program

CAHOOTS will be edited for Summer 2019. We took feedback over the last three summers to adjust the program to fit student and family needs. The program will have the same goals and workbook format, however some of the specific descriptions below may change. Watch for backpack fliers in February!


Prepare and learn with Hoots the owl, Boots the fox and Walter the elephant!  Cahoots is a 8-week summer correspondence program created by Saint Paul Public School staff that is designed to reduce summer learning loss with an engaging, reflective approach to learning.  Youth who follow the schedule and complete all weekly correspondence are invited to participate in a field trip at the end of the summer.

Subjects and grade levels offered:
Math, Language Arts
Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Families are encouraged to order their child’s current grade level. If they are in 1st for 2017-2018 then order 1st grade materials.

How the Cahoots program works:
• Workbooks and reflection postcards will be delivered to schools by June 1.
• Program dates are June 11 - August 3. Field trip for students that have completed the workbooks is August 24.
• Youth complete one lesson in their workbook(s) per week.  Lessons are approximately 20 questions long. 
• Families or youth check their own answers online (answer packets can be mailed or emailed by request)
• After completing each lesson, youth complete the weekly reflection postcard(s) and place it in the mail.
• Reflection postcards are designed to give youth a chance to apply their skills through open-ended questions. Youth are paired with a Reflection Buddy who sends back a postcard each week.
• Game Boards are located on the back cover of each workbook.  A game piece will be found on each reflection response from your child’s Reflection Buddy.  Your child can track their progress by cutting out the game pieces and gluing them to the board.