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After school activity pick-up procedures
Beginning Monday, February 1, 2010, pick-up and building entrance will be on the 5th Street side of Marcy, through door #3 (kindergarten entrance). Do not park on 4th Avenue in the spaces reserved for school buses. Keep in mind that there are no parking restrictions on 5th Street side of the building. The kindergarten door will remain unlocked until 6:00 PM each day. 

Pick-up procedures for after school activities include:

  • Community Education and ALC classes will remain in the multipurpose/lunchroom.
  • MPLS Kids pick-up will continue to be from their rooms.
  • Sports teams and musical participants can wait in the door #3 area.

Don’t get a parking ticket! The no parking/stopping restrictions will be enforced until 6:00 PM (look for posted signs) so that school buses picking up students from afterschool activities may park on the 4th Street side Marcy. Cars may be ticketed.

We appreciate your continued cooperation in making the afterschool pick-up running safely and smoothly for all Marcy families.