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Summer Youth Program Policies

By completing registration, I certify that I have fully read, understand and will agree to the terms and policies outlined here.

Photo and Media Agreement

I understand that my child may be included in television or still photographs representing Minneapolis Community Education programs. Photos/images may appear in newsletters, promotional brochures, on program websites and program materials. Participants have the right to change their consent or opt out by sending a written request to the site coordinator.

Survey Release

I give permission for my child to participate in informational surveys regarding the services provided by Minneapolis Community Education programs. Participants have the right to change their consent or opt out by sending a written request to the site coordinator.

Walking Field Trips: I give permission for my child to participate in Minneapolis Community Education walking field trips within a mile of the school. I understand that Minneapolis Community Education staff will supervise all field trips and I will be informed in advance of the destination. A separate, signed permission slip is needed for bus trips.

Class Fees and Payments:

Participation is on a first-come, first serve basis and classes fill quickly. Refunds, minus a processing fee, will be issued when requested at least three business days before the class starts. Full refunds will be issued if a class is cancelled due to low enrollment. Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. SOME SITES OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS for those who qualify. To find out if your site offers scholarships and request a scholarship please contact your Community Education Coordinator. 

Discipline Policy

Participating in summer programs is an opportunity that is extended to all youth. All summer programs conform to the Citywide Discipline policy of the Minneapolis Public Schools. Students are expected to behave appropriately during the program. A student may be asked to take a “time out” from an activity if he or she is misbehaving or acting inappropriately. If the problem is severe or persistent (continuing after warning(s) have been given) a note will be sent home with the student and he or she will not be allowed to participate until the note is signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the Community Education office, or until other arrangements are made including the possibility of suspension, parent conference or loss of summer privileges. Parents are notified by phone if we are having problems with their child.

Behavior Policy

All children participating in summer programs are expected to follow the rules for behavior when in class. All students are given three chances. First referral, we will speak to student. Second referral, we will talk to student along with a call to the parent/guardian. Third referral, they will be removed from the program. Depending on the reason for referral, a student may receive two or three strikes on the first referral.

Weather Cancellation Policy

In the event of inclement or severe weather, the district will decide whether to cancel summer programs.